Do you have a bad money-tude?

The boss has some interesting views on our attitudes to money and how we should start thinking differently about it. Great read! Disrupt your money-tude — The problem is most of us, due to our emotional confusion with money, take a passive or reactionary attitude towards our cash stash. However an enlightened few, of which you can … 


TechSydney Fintech Meetup

Last night I took to the stage to talk about disruption and how to take on the fintech masters. Here’s a snapshot of some of the thoughts: Superannuation needs disrupting – the reason we started Zuper was to help Australians take back control and design their own future. It’s hard to work out who’s interests … 


Tedx Sydney

I have been lucky enough to get along to TEDxSydney for the past 5 years in a row. Moving from the iconic Opera House to the new International Convention Centre didn’t fill me with joy, but, it’s always an inspirational learning day, so went along again.


Zuper Launch

A few weeks ago, we pre-launched Zuper, a new superannuation business looking to take on the huge super industry down here in Australia. Find out what it’s all about and read the reason why over at linkedin. Read Article Then get on the waitlist at Zuper. Zuper


Counteragents to convention

We launched antidote with one simple purpose, to grow businesses that make a difference. A combination of our own ventures and helping companies looking to grow in a new economy. We bring together creativity, technology and growth marketing into a powerful force for success.


the future

I was recently asked to talk about ‘the future’ for a series of keynotes around Australia and New Zealand. Visiting Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, it was easy to talk about the future.


Fintech predictions 2017

Definitely not an exhaustive list, but some thoughts on where fintech will go in 2017, some have an Australian bias, sorry about that. Consolidation of alternate lenders Easy one to start with, this fintech arena is descending in to madness, soon we will have an one alternate lender to every person who needs to borrow … 


Welcome to my world

Welcome to the world of Jon Holloway. It can be a fascinating but sometimes challenging. Here you will get inside the inner thoughts and musings of, well, me. Feel free to reach out if you have something to say, ask, debate or just want to chat.